Joint Penistone Church & Emley statement

12th Oct 2023

Joint statement from Penistone Church FC & Emley AFC.


Our game this week was a competitive game between two brilliant teams from two top clubs. It was, as usual, a great advert for non-league football and saw an excellent attendance. Regardless of the result, the evening was enjoyed by the vast majority of people. But it was spoilt for a number of genuine fans by some incidents that we will not condone at either of our grounds.


The two clubs have a fierce but friendly rivalry - one that is shared by our supporters, players, management and club officials. We play the game competitively but have a drink afterwards and, in turn, look forward to our next meeting.


Sadly our game on the 11th October was marred by fans who, whilst supposedly ‘supporting’ Penistone, have zero interest in either the game or the club. Both clubs believe they come along once a year to this high-profile game thinking there are no consequences to their actions. This week that spoiled the game for some home and away fans. 


The chairmen of both clubs have spent a number of hours today talking to supporters affected and to each other. Thank you to those who have shared their experiences with us. 


We cannot make this any clearer :  any individuals involved in such incidents are not welcome at our clubs. 


Both clubs are completely aligned. We have already agreed joint actions ahead of future games to stop anyone entering the ground who has no interest in the game.


These individuals (around the ages of 14-16) know who they are and today the two boards have shared information regarding those involved in the unsavoury incidents.


To both clubs’ genuine fans: we massively appreciate your support & we would not exist without you. 


Thank you to everyone for your support and understanding. We look forward to seeing you at our next game at Christmas.


Penistone Church FC & Emley AFC



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