Club Notice

30th Nov 2022

Please note under 18s who are not club members/players must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  

Over recent months we’ve become a victim of our success building  our club in & around our community.

However, in recent times we have had several incidents where groups of older children (14-17 yr olds) who have no links or affiliation with the club are attempting to use the clubhouse as somewhere to meet and congregate. As a members club we now have to act to nip this in the bud as this is impacting those families and club members using the clubhouse facility and will be stopped with immediate effect.

We will always welcome everyone to our club, especially those families and children who play for our junior teams, but we have now have to do this in a fair an responsible manner for everyone.  All of our players and junior team player’s parents have a membership with the club though their junior teams’ subscriptions which generally isn’t known.

With immediate effect children and under 18’s who are not members of the club, (ie they don’t play for any of our junior teams) wishing to use the clubhouse on non-matchdays to socialise and watch the TV’s will need to be accompanied by a parent / adult. They must also be prepared to use the facilities for the whole duration of their visit, notably the refreshments on offer in the clubhouse and we will not tolerate drinks and food being brought in from local takeaways and shops. 

We also will stress whilst it has been a growing issue for several weeks now, the World Cup has magnified the problem. So, we’re issuing this ahead of the up & coming England game(s) - any under 18’s coming to the clubhouse who are not associated to the club must be accompanied by an adult.

If anyone has any questions linked to this please do get in touch.  We hope this message is received in the good faith it is intended to have and we also ask people to share this as arguably the people who we need this message to get to may not see it because, as we state above, they may not follow PCFC on socials.

The committee.

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