PCFC Book now available from an online shop

3rd Jan 2023

The book will make a perfect gift, even if PCFC is not your first team. Available from:

The book is about the remarkable story of some inspirational individuals from the Penistone. Researched and written by three authors,  it brings back to life Penistone's historical contribution in the creation of modern day football leading up to the foundation and life of PCFC up to present day. It captures the essence of our changing communities and the grit of football life in our local area starting from the 1600s. We are blessed with inspirational people and their love of football across the years. 

Two and half years in the making the book puts Penistone at the centre of the game that so many millions all over the world love today. 

The 116 year history of PCFC is a story that needed to be told, a story of committed people and dark days and survival that has made the club what it is today. 

It’s a book for all people not just football fans. It’s not full of statistics and tables but it is a history of our community and it’s contribution to the wider football world. 

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