1906 Club - End of Season Update

1st Jun 2021

It seems an age ago since a few of us bounced a few texts around with the idea of setting up a scheme to support the community whilst at the same time in the middle of ‘Lockdown 1’ getting some much needed funds for the club.

It was at this point ‘The 1906 Club’ was born.

Within a few weeks we had many partners signing up and within a long weekend of announcing what we had in mind, we’d got ‘The 1906 Club’ fully subscribed.We were blown away by your support, thank you again.

In the last 12 months we know some of you have not had a chance to use the Member’s card to get as many discounts as we’d have liked you to have.Thankfully though many of our partners have been open for some, the majority or all the Covid Pandemic era and have had a steady stream of 1906 Club Members taking them up on offers.Some members have saved £200+ in one transaction and some have made it worth while on pub takeaways, curry’s, new tyres and recently at the new Beer Shop in Penistone.

We also know for many of you it was supporting the club which was the motivating factor, and any discounts or benefits a close second.

We can now confirm the plans we have for the 2021 / 22 subscriptions.

Ideally for the reasons listed above we’d love those who can pay the 2021 / 22 £100 annual subscription.

For any of you who want to stay in The 1906 Club but feel the £100 this time around ‘is a bit steep’, then please say and we can see what we can do.

If you don’t wish to continue then we’ve always said we’d understand if folk wished to drop out for any reason that is important to you, if this is the case then please just let us know.

At the same time we have an opportunity for some new members as although we had commitment of 100 members last year, we only ‘signed up’ 89 of you with others sadly not following up on the commitment.

We’re also delighted to say the new membership cards will be available soon, as the current ones expire on 31st July 2021.

To continue your membership please e-mail pcfcevents@gmail.com to confirm or let Ian, Dave, Mark or Scott know.

In turn we’ll let you know the bank details.For those wishing to pay cash please do so to anyone named above or the Clubhouse Bar.All we’d ask is all new subscriptions are paid for by the end of July and remember the black members card is out of date come the 31st July.

Anyone wishing to join, again pls e-mail us at pcfcevents@gmail.com or again let Dave, Ian, Mark or Scott know.

We still hope to organise an event for ‘The 1906 Club’ Members too, we just need all restrictions lifted and we’ll share the details when we can.

As we started this update, we thank you all for your support especially in our time of need last Spring / summer.We hope you’re all able to continue that support and we’ll welcome those who wish to join.

With thanks,

Dave, Ian, Mark & Scott.


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