Introducing the 1906 Club!

19th Jun 2020

We are very excited to announce our brand new 1906 Club, launching 19.06.2020!

After the season ended prematurely in 2020, the club had a lot of time to look at what we do in the community as well as how we help bring more people together not just for football. With such a wide range of businesses and partners associated with the club, we knew that something great could be achieved using ourselves as a base for an idea.

This is when we first thought of the 1906 Club.

Our goal was simple. Create a network of 100 members, all of who pay £100 per year to be part of the club. In return for this amazing donation and show of support, we would build a network of businesses and people in Penistone and further afield who would be willing to support the club by offering discounts and deals to our 1906 Club members.

So far, the support has been incredible. We have over 20 businesses signed up with agreed discounts and deals, with more to be announced later in the Summer.

We have had a very strange last few months and now more than ever we have come to trust and care for the communities around us. Here at Penistone Church FC, we are no different, and want to help create a fantastic community where everyone benefits together.

Membership applications are now open and you can find out more over on our 1906 Page.

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