Become part of our history & future

The Penistone Church 1906 Club was set up in 2020 with a goal of creating a group of likeminded community members who all have a passion for our club. We are inviting 100 members to join before the start of the 2020/21 season and become an executive member for our very first season as the 1906 club. The funds we raise from your donations will be used to drive our club forward both on and off the pitch, helping us achieve promotion on the pitch and greater facilities for all at the DSM Memorial Ground.

What membership gets you

For an annual donation of £100, you will become an executive member of our 1906 Club. As part of 1906 Club membership, we are offering discounts and deals from local businesses to create a support network through the Penistone community. Our hope is that we will attract multiple businesses before the season begins, with many businesses already on board with the concept.

Upon joining, you will also receive a membership card and membership pack with full details on what your membership gets you, the club and our partners.

Where your donation goes

Your £100 donation will help massively in the running of our club as well as securing the funding for future projects at our ground. With the first team going for promotion again, it's only a matter of time before we need to invest heavily in the facilities at our clubhouse. The 1906 club will be pivotal in creating a network of financial backers to the club, as well as encouraging more people to donate and help support us as we continue to grow.


If you would like to join The 1906 Club, please contact Scott Fairbank on 07866 515738 or email us

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